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About the Artist

Meet the artist behind Feathers & Tracks

Laura Stasi

Photo courtesy of David McIntyre

Photo courtesy of David McIntyre


Growing up without TV meant that as a child, I had to be creative with how I entertained myself. When I wasn’t in the backyard looking for fairies and playing with my sister, I had my nose buried in a book or a paintbrush in my hand. I loved art projects and creating things, especially if it meant saving something from the trash and repurposing it.

After graduating from Saint Lawrence University with a BA in Creative Writing and an (unofficial) minor in fine arts, I continued spending much of my free time creating things and crafting sentences. I began to submit stories to various platforms hoping it would help me learn more about the professional writing process and associated fields. I hope to continue to publish my written work and aim to write and illustrate children’s books.

Painting and crafting of all forms has been a hobby and therapy of mine over the years. I began designing my own stationary and cards in college and have always loved writing letters to people. After lamenting that I had not saved certain designs and images I had created, I decided to start making prints of my work so that I could continue sharing them with multiple people rather than just one. Of course I still make special edition cards and envelopes :) Let’s keep the age old art of letter writing alive!

From there Feathers and Tracks was born and continues to evolve with each new projects and inspiration I receive. Stay tuned!